Using the Password Manager Browser Extension

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  • Using the Password Manager Browser Extension | Password Manager

The following popup appears on your system tray when the Password Manager Browser Extension is not yet installed on your browsers:

Popup message

Password Manager is a free secure password manager that stores and protects your login credentials, while providing additional protection against online threats. With Password Manager, you only have to remember one password. It is an extremely convenient way to conduct your online business. It also allows you to sync your data on your mobile devices or tablet so you have your data wherever you go.

To know more about Password Manager, refer to this Knowledge Base article: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Password Manager.

What is Password Manager Browser Extension?

Browser extensions (or Browser Helper Object in Internet Explorer) allows Password Manager to interact with the browsers to perform different functions. Listed below are the functions included but not limited to the following:

  • Automatically save user passwords, sign into websites, or open in Secure Browser window, with just one click.
  • Manually add passwords of specific websites (with video tutorial).
  • Quick access for users to browse saved passwords in Password Manager.
  • Shortcut to Management Console to perform various functions (open the Management Console in the web browser, settings management, subscription update, etc).
  • Launch Password Generator to create strong and secure passwords.
  • Import browser passwords.

Password Manager is unable to perform any functions to the browser if the extension is not installed or enabled.

Is Password Manager Browser Extension secured?

Yes. Password Manager utilizes secure connections (e.g. HTTPS, secure WebSocket) between the client program and browser extensions/IE BHO.

How do I install the Password Manager Browser Extension?

To install the Password Manager Browser extension, you may click here, or do the following:

  1. Click Get Extension on the popup message. The browser extension installation page will appear.
  2. Click Install Extension.

    Installation page