How to install Mobile Security for iOS

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  • How to Install Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS

Learn how to download, install and activate Mobile Security for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Devices running iOS 8 or having 32-bit bus width is not supported by this new version of Mobile Security. For more information, you may refer to this Knowledge Base article: System requirements of Mobile Security for iOS.

  1. Go to the App Store App Store, then search for Trend Micro Mobile Security.



  2. Tap Trend Micro Mobile Security, then tap Get.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Tap Open once the installation is finished.
  5. Accept the License Agreement.
  6. Tap Next, then tap Done.
  7. To activate your Trend Micro Mobile Security app, follow the instructions below depending on whether your subscription is already activated or not:
    • Already Activated Trend Micro Subscription

      1. Scroll down, then tap on Settings.


      2. Tap Set up an account.
      3. Sign in with your Trend Micro account.
      4. Tap Next when prompted to use available subscription.


      5. Tap on the pointing down arrow to expand the selections, then select which existing license you want to be transferred to your device.

        Expand_Selection_of_devices_Mobile_Security_for_iOS Select_device_Transfer_Protection_Mobile_Security_for_iOS

      6. Tap Ok when prompted to confirm the transfer of license.


    • Subscription Not Activated Yet / Newly Purchased Subscription

      1. Go to the Activation Portal.
      2. Type your activation code, then click Next.
      3. Sign in to your Trend Micro account or create a new account by clicking Need an account?.
      4. Fill out the required information, then click Next.
      5. Scroll down and look for Mobile Security.
      6. Proceed to step 2 Activate , then click On my iPhone/iPad to expand the instructions.

        The Secure QR Code Scanner is located at the top-right corner.


        Tap Ok when prompted to allow Mobile Security to use the camera.


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