Using the Pay Guard feature of Trend Micro Security software

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  • Pay Guard™ | Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro™ Pay Guard™ allows you to access your banking or shopping sites securely thru your default browser. When you install Trend Micro Security 2019, it automatically creates a desktop shortcut icon that calls your default browser and enables the security needed for banking and shopping online.

Watch this video to know how to use Trend Micro Pay Guard:

How to use Trend Micro Security’s Pay Guard

Using Trend Micro™ Pay Guard™
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Accessing Pay Guard
Pay Guard with Web Threat Protection

Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I have to pay additional cost to use Pay Guard?
Will Pay Guard be installed as a separate application?
How do I use Pay Guard?
How did Pay Guard get installed on my PC?
Is Pay Guard a separate application?
What are the supported browsers of Pay Guard?
Can I use my bookmarks and toolbars on Pay Guard?
Do I still need to add my credit card information on the Data Theft Protection to use Pay Guard?
Can I only use this when doing online shopping or banking?
How do I remove Pay Guard?