Information about the Time Stamp from the Trend Micro Security Report (PC Health Checkup monthly report)

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  • Last Updated:Aug. 20, 2019 12:36 AM (PST)
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  • Time stamp information | Trend Micro Security program

The following time stamp format will appear on the Trend Micro PC Health Checkup and Security Report email sent to you monthly:

Time Stamp

The time stamp will help you understand and determine the coverage of the data provided in the monthly report.

The time stamp indicates the month, day, year and time when the data from your Trend Micro Security software was last sent and generated for the security report. This covers data collected from all of the protected computers within the indicated period of time.

The PC Health and Security Report data may contain one of the following:

  • Total number of web threats filtered
  • Total number of virus, spyware, and suspicious software found
  • Total disk space gained using the PC Health Checkup feature
  • Amount of startup time saved

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