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Get protected from any kind of malware with Trend Micro™ Dr. Antivirus. Using Trend Micro's active-monitoring laboratory, you can enjoy your digital life safely.

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Quick Scan

Safeguard your Mac by quickly scanning your work and frequently used files for viruses.

Full Scan

Scan all your files, folders, and drives for any malware infection.

Custom Scan

Scan all your files or just a particular drive or folder with ease.

Key Features

Real-Time Scan

Each time a file is received, opened, downloaded, copied, or modified, Dr. Antivirus will automatically scan the file for security risks.

It protects your Mac from threats concerning system security and privacy.

Adware Cleaner

Adware Cleaner stops pop-up scams from any kind of Adware and clears your browser extensions to prevent hijacking activities.

It is highly recommended to scan your Mac using Dr. Antivirus on a regular basis to keep you safe from security threats.

Virus Scan

Check for any kind of infection and other harmful items using the Virus Scan feature.

Dr. Antivirus prevents, detects, and removes any form of malware.

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