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Key Features

All features of Dr. Cleaner are FREE upon install:

Disk Cleaner
  • Removes temporary files including cache files
  • Clears mail cache
  • Removes user download folders
  • Deletes browser data, iTunes downloads and iOS temporary files
  • Empties the system trash can
Memory Optimizer
  • Frees up unused memory
  • Cleans memory with one click
  • Frees up memory used by recently accessed files
  • Automatically optimizes system memory after closing apps
  • Allows you to monitor memory usage in the menu bar

Selected Junk Files

Selected Big Files
Dr. Cleaner

Ready to Install

Follow the instructions below to download and install on your Mac:

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Make sure your Mac meets the following requirements:
Operating Systems Mac 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher
Disk Space 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
Memory 2GB
Other 3G/4G (LTE) | Wi-Fi Internet Connection
Dr. Cleaner requires an Internet connection to download and install the program online, receive updates, and send Trend Micro URL/web queries and logs to Support.
  1. Go to Mac AppStore. The Mac App Store Preview page for Dr. Cleaner appears.

    Mac App Store Preview
  2. Click View in Mac App Store. The Mac App Store app loads and displays the page to install Dr. Cleaner. 

    Dr. Cleaner Page
  1. Click Get to begin downloading Dr. Cleaner. The button changes to Install App.

  2. Click Install App to begin the installation. 

    Install App
    If you’re not logged into your Apple Account, a dialog appears for you to sign in. Enter your Apple ID and Password and click Sign In. Dr. Cleaner downloads and installs. 

    Apple Account
Click the Launchpad in your Dock, then click Dr. Cleaner to launch the app.
Congratulations! You’re now ready to use Dr. Cleaner, the best free memory and disk optimizer on the Mac!

Dr. Cleaner Console