AR Signal Master Data Collection Disclosure

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  • Last Updated:Jun. 01, 2018 5:31 AM (PST)
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  • Data Collection Disclosure | AR Signal Master

This article outlines the following Trend Micro AR Signal Master feature that collects data, the data transmitted, and how it can be configured.

AR Signal Master includes the following module which, when enabled, will cause the corresponding data to be transmitted to Trend Micro. If you do not want to allow Trend Micro to collect any personal data, do not install AR Signal Master. If you decide to uninstall AR Signal Master, notify Trend Micro to remove all collected data.

This module can be disabled as shown below:


Integrated modules from third-party service providers:
- Google Firebase
- Umeng
- Facebook

Trend Micro collects this data to provide better service to customers.


Data collected and feedback by SDK, including:
- Number of users and sessions
- Session duration
- Operating systems
- ISP name
- Country/area
- First launches
- App opens
- App updates
- In-app purchases


Uninstall the app.