Using the Trend Micro WiFi Protection

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Trend Micro WiFi Protection is an application for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices that checks the safety of your Wi-Fi connection. It scans the Wi-Fi network and connects to a secured cloud VPN when security risks are detected.

Unsecured Wi-Fi is a wireless connection which doesn’t require any special login or screening process to connect. This type of connection can provide you free internet use, but it can also bring dangerous risks like the following:

  1. Attackers can intercept your login credentials and use them to gather useful information.
  2. Information from your device can be collected and altered; thus, you can be subject to identity theft.
  3. Connected device can be infected and can be used in distributing and spreading infection.

Trend Micro WiFi Protection lets you know which WiFi connections are safe and not. Use the Trusted Wi-Fi List to specify which connections should NEVER be blocked and the Unknown Wi-Fi List to block risky connections.

To use these features, follow instructions below depending on your device:

  • VPN protection will remain turned off for the Wi-Fi networks listed under Trusted Wi-Fi List and automatically be turned on for Wi-Fi networks listed under Unknown Wi-Fi List.
  • For wired connections, VPN can be enabled on UWP but no other features like Network Scan, Trusted List, and Unknown List.
  • WiFi Protection will not check any issues for Wired Connections.

Using the Trusted Wi-Fi List

For Windows
For Mac
For Android and iOS

Using the Unknown Wi-Fi List

For Windows
For Mac
For Android and iOS