Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Auto-Renew of Home Network Security

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Auto-Renew (also known as AutoRenew or Automatic Renewal) is a service offered by Trend Micro and its online store, Digital River. For your convenience, it is designed to automatically extend your subscription right before it is due to expire, which means that you will not have to manually perform the renewal process.

Advantages of having an Automatic Renewal plan:

  • No worries in losing protection for any certain period of time.
  • Automatic Renewal is a more convenient way in paying the annual subscription than having to renew manually.

If you are not subscribed to automatic renewal, and you wish to renew manually, follow the instructions from this knowledge base article: Renewing your Home Network Security.

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Auto-Renew program available for Trend Micro Home Network Security. Click on a question to view the answer:

How do I set up Auto-Renew?
How much is the yearly auto-renewal price?
How do I disable/cancel Auto-Renew?
I received an Order Confirmation Email stating that my license was auto-renewed and noticed that the billing address needs to be changed. How do I change it?
What should I do if my license remains expired even after I sign up for Auto-Renewal?
Will the Automatic Renewal be cancelled if I uninstall Trend Micro Home Network Security from my device?
I received an email saying there is an issue processing the Auto-Renewal because of my credit card, What should I do?
What should I do if I received an “Auto Renewal Failed” notification email from Trend Micro?


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