"Block this program?" pop-up message appears when a program is trying to access your files protected by Folder Shield

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  • Last Updated:Aug. 23, 2019 3:36 PM (PST)
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  • "Block this program?" popup message | Trend Micro

You receive the following error message when a program tries to access your files protected by Folder Shield:

Block this program?

"<Program Name> is trying to open files protected by Folder Shield.
If you do not recognize this program, Trend Micro suggests blocking it from accessing your files."

To know more about the "Block this program?" pop-up message, click on the options below:

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What if a trusted program tries to change or encrypt my files under protected folder?
What if I am just opening a file from my protected folder and the pop-up appears asking to block the program?
When should I trust the program to open the files protected in Folder Shield?


You may also submit reclassification request to Trend Micro Support, so the program will not be blocked by default by Folder Shield. You may refer to this knowledge base article: Submitting a URL or file reclassification request.