Updating your Trend Micro Security software

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  • Last Updated:Mar. 19, 2018 9:53 PM (PST)
  • Applies to:Antivirus for Mac - 2015, Antivirus for Mac - 2016, Antivirus for Mac - 2017;Antivirus for Mac - 2018;Antivirus+ Security - 2016, 2017;2018;Internet Security - 2016, Internet Security - 2017;Internet Security - 2018;Maximum Security - 2016, Maximum Security - 2017;Maximum Security - 2018;Premium Security - 2016, Premium Security - 2017;Premium Security - 2018;
  • Update Trend Micro | Trend Micro Security

This article shows you how to manually get security and program update for your Trend Micro Security program.​

Your Trend Micro Security, by default, automatically downloads the updates for you. It constantly checks online for security updates to stop new threats every 3 hours. These are then applied to your program's modules to improve its performance.

To manually update your Trend Micro Security Software, choose from the operating systems below:

For Windows
For Mac