How to enable Trend Micro Toolbar in Google Chrome

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  • Last Updated:Jan. 14, 2020 10:22 PM (PST)
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  • How to enable Trend Micro Toolbar in Google Chrome | Trend Micro Security

You receive the following notification from your Trend Micro Security software:


"Safeguard Google Chrome
To avoid spyware, scams, and other online threats, please get the Trend Micro Toolbar for the Chrome browser."

This happens because Google Chrome released a security enhancement that automatically disables all third-party browser extensions which includes the Trend Micro Toolbar.

The Trend Micro Toolbar provides additional security by working with Google Chrome to provide safety ratings to websites when you do searches online. This allows you to check whether a link or website is either Safe, Suspicious or Dangerous before you access it.




Microsoft has formally announced Windows 7 End of Support. Because Microsoft no longer fixes issues on this version, it has become increasingly difficult for Trend Micro to keep users safe on this operating system. We encourage all of our users to upgrade their PCs to a more modern operating system which will provide greater stability and security.

Why am I getting this message?

This message appears if you recently installed your Trend Micro Security program or your Google Chrome has been upgraded to the latest version. Due to security updates applied to the latest version of Google Chrome, third-party extensions, including the Trend Micro extensions, can only be enabled by downloading them from the Google Chrome Web Store.

How to enable the toolbar?
  1. Click the button below to download the Trend Micro Toolbar:

    Download Toolbar

  2. This will open the Chrome Web Store. Click the Add to Chrome button.


    If the button says Remove from Chrome, instead of Add to Chrome, the Trend Micro Toolbar may have already been installed. Read this article to enable the Trend Micro Toolbar on your browser.

  3. Click Add extension when the confirmation window appears.


    Once you see this notification, it means you have successfully installed the Trend Micro Toolbar.


    If you keep getting the message even after enabling the extension, click Do not show this again.


Why cannot I find the Trend Micro Toolbar in Google Web Store?

The Trend Micro Toolbar is not searchable in Google Chrome Web Store because it is intended only for customers with Trend Micro security software. You can only download the toolbar if your Trend Micro security software is installed.

Why am I receiving a notification saying the original extensions will be merged into one?

The old Trend Micro Toolbar has 3 extensions and each has different functions. All functions will now be merged into one extension so you will not need to download 3 separate extensions from Google Chrome Web Store.

Why am I seeing duplicate Trend Micro Toolbar icons from Chrome?

When you see two Trend Micro Toolbar icons in Google Chrome, just restart Google Chrome to remove one of the icons.