Using the Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit to analyze malware issues and clean infections - For Home and Home Office users

Learn how to use the Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit (ATTK) to perform system forensic scans and clean the following infections:

  • General malware infection
  • Master boot record Infection
  • CIDOX/ RODNIX infection
  • Rootkit infection
  • Zbot infection
  • Cryptolocker infection
Collect suspicious files and system information
Clean infected computers
Clean MBR, CIDOX/ RODNIX or Rootkit infection using ATTK with Cleanboot
Clean ZBot or Cryptolocker infection using ATTK
Collect ransomware samples and system information
Applies To: Antivirus+ Security - 2015;2016;2017;2018;Internet Security - 2015;Internet Security - 2016;Internet Security - 2017;Internet Security - 2018;Maximum Security - 2015;Maximum Security - 2016;Maximum Security - 2017;Maximum Security - 2018;Premium Security - 2015;Premium Security - 2016;Premium Security - 2017;Premium Security - 2018;

Last Updated: Oct. 16, 2017 1:35 AM (PST)
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