Deep Trace2 Data Collection Disclosure

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  • Data Collection Disclosure | Deep Trace2

This article outlines the following Trend Micro Deep Trace2 feature that collects data, the data transmitted, and how it can be configured.

Trend Micro Deep Trace2 includes the following feature, which may collect and transmit the following data, some of which may be considered personal in certain jurisdictions, to Trend Micro. You can disable any of these feature at any time to prevent the corresponding data from being sent to Trend Micro:

Anti-Threat Toolkit (ATTK)

The ATTK scans your computer and sends log feedback when complete. If you do not want to transmit this data to Trend Micro, click Cancel when prompted to run the ATTK Collector.


IP address
Logon name
Computer name
File path
File name


Pop-up during uninstallation

Deep Trace Controller