Removing Titanium Internet Security for Mac

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Titanium Internet Security for Mac - 2013, 2014;
Macintosh - Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks

Problem Description

Learn how to uninstall or remove your Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security for Mac program.


To uninstall Titanium Internet Security for Mac, do any of the following:
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Using the Titanium Internet Security for Mac installer

  1. Open the Trend Micro Titanium installer.
    Trend Micro Titanium installer
  2. Open User Support.
    Click User Support 
  3. Open Uninstall Trend Micro Titanium
    User Support 
  4. Click Uninstall when a window asking if you really want to uninstall the program appears.
    Click Uninstall
  5. Type your Mac login password.
    Mac password
  6. Wait for the installation to finish then click OK.


Using the Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit

  1. Open the Diagnostic Toolkit:
    • From the Titanium installer:
      1. Open the Titanium installer folder and open the User Support folder.
      2. Open Trend Micro Titanium Diagnostic Toolkit.
        Trend Micro Titanium Diagnostic Toolkit
    • From the Applications folder:
      1. Click Go > Applications from the upper left of your desktop.
        Click Go then Applications
      2. Open the Trend Micro folder.
      3. Open Trend Micro Titanium Diagnostic Toolkit.
  2. Click Uninstall.
    Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit
  3. Type in your Mac login password then click OK
  4. Wait for the uninstallation to finish then click OK.


Manually uninstall your Trend Micro program

  1. Right-click the Trend Micro Titanium icon in the Notification area.
  2. Click Shut Down Trend Micro Titanium.
  3. Click Go > Applications.
  4. Drag and drop the Trend Micro folder into the Trash.

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