Installing Worry-Free Business Security Services (WFBS-SVC) for DELL agents on additional computers

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Worry-Free Business Security Services for Dell - 5.6;
Windows - 2003 Enterprise, 2003 Home Server, 2003 Small Business Server, 2003 Standard, 2008 Essential Business Server, 2008 Small Business Server, 2008 Standard, 2011 Small Business Server Standard, 7 32-bit, 7 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, XP Professional

Problem Description

Learn how to install WFBS-SVC agents for DELL on other computers.


To install the WFBS-SVC agents on other computers:
  1. Log on to the WFBS-SVC for Dell console.
  2. Click Devices, and then select Add Devices.
  3. On the Select an installation method window, choose one of the following options:

    Select an installation method

    [ Expand All ]


    OPTION 1: Send Email

    Click Send Email to copy the download URL into your default email client. This will be sent to your users.


    OPTION 2: Install

    Click Install to proceed with the installation of the agent, and then do the following:
    1. When prompted, click Download to start the installation.
      Note: If you are using Firefox as the web browser, you need to download the installer package from the link provided, save it to your computer, and then run it to install.

      Click Download
    2. Click Run to download the agent installer.
      Note: Do not click Save.

      Click Run
      The installation of the agent starts.

      Agent installation in process
    3. After the installation completes, click Finish to close the installation program.

      Click FinishWFBS-SVC for Dell icon now appears.

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