My Trend Micro Home and Home Office product installer keeps detecting components of my old Norton (Symantec) antivirus program

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Problem Description

I am trying to install Trend Micro Titanium, Trend Micro Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security Pro, or Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware, but the installer keeps detecting the Norton antivirus program that used to be on my computer.

I already tried uninstalling Norton using the Add/Remove Programs function in the Control Panel, but certain components cannot be removed.

Note: The solution in this article also works with Trend Micro Internet Security for Dell 16.6.



To resolve this issue and remove any remaining components of Norton products from your computer, please follow the instructions below:



Download the removal or uninstall tool for Norton products.



When the File Download window opens, click Save. This will open up the Save As window.




Select Desktop on the left pane as the location for the download, then click Save. This will make it easy for you to access the file.



Wait for the download to complete.



Run the removal tool. Do either of the following:


When the window confirming that the download has completed appears, click Run.



Go to your desktop and double-click on the Norton_Removal_Tool.exe file.




When the Welcome screen for the Norton Removal Tool appears, follow the instructions or prompts to start the process of uninstalling.




Wait while the tool uninstalls all remaining Norton components on your system.




When the process is complete, click Finish.


You may be asked to restart your computer. If you are prompted to do so, click Yes since this allows the changes to take effect on your system.



After restarting, install your Trend Micro Home and Home Office program again.

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