Installing clients using Remote Install from the OfficeScan Web Console

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OfficeScan - 10.0, 10.5, 10.6, 11.0;
Windows - 2003 Enterprise Server, 2003 Standard Server Edition, 2008 Enterprise, 2008 Standard, 7 32-bit, Vista 32-bit, XP Professional

Problem Description

Remotely install OfficeScan clients from the web console to one or several computers connected to the network. To use this method, ensure you have administrator rights to the target computers.
Remote installation does not install the OfficeScan client on a computer already running the OfficeScan server.
Note: This installation method cannot be used on computers running Windows XP Home, Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium Editions, and Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium Editions (32-bit and 64-bit versions). A pure IPv6 server cannot install the OfficeScan client on pure IPv4 clients. Similarly, a pure IPv4 server cannot install the OfficeScan client on pure IPv6 clients.


For OfficeScan 11.0, follow the procedure on this article: Installing Remotely from the OfficeScan Web Console.
For OfficeScan 10.6 and below, do the following to install OfficeScan clients using Remote Install via web console:
  1. If running Windows Vista or Windows 7, perform the following steps:
    1. Enable a built-in administrator account and set the password for the account.
    2. Disable simple file sharing on the endpoint.
    3. Click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
    4. For Domain Profile, Private Profile, and Public Profile, set the firewall state to "Off".
    5. Open Microsoft Management Console by clicking Start > Run and then type "services.msc".
    6. Start the Remote Registry and Remote Procedure Call services. When installing the OfficeScan client, use the built-in administrator account and password.
  2. From the web console, go to Networked Computers > Client Installation > Remote.
    Remote installation
    Click image to enlarge.
  3. Select the target computers.
    • The Domains and Computers list displays all the Windows domains on the network. To display computers under a domain, double-click the domain name. Select a computer, and then click Add.
    • If you have a specific computer name in mind, type the computer name in the field on top of the page and click Search.
    Note: OfficeScan prompts you for the target computer’s user name and password. Use an administrator account user name and password to continue.
  4. Type the user name and password, and then click Log in.
    The target computer appears in the Selected Computers table.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add more computers.
  6. Click Install when you are ready to install the OfficeScan client to target computers.
    A confirmation box appears.
  7. Click Yes to confirm that you want to install the OfficeScan client to the target computers.
    A progress screen appears as the program files copy to each target computer.
When OfficeScan completes the installation to a target computer, the computer name disappears in the Selected Computers list and appears in the Domains and Computers list with a check mark.
Selected computer list
Click image to enlarge.
When all target computers appear with check marks in the Domains and Computers list, you have completed remote installation.
Note: If you install to multiple computers, OfficeScan records any unsuccessful installation in the logs, but it will not postpone the other installations. You do not have to supervise the installation after you click Install. Check the logs later to see the installation results.
To know more about other installation or deployment methods, refer to the following:

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