Running the Sysclean antivirus scanner using command line

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Problem Description

Trend Micro has a scan and cleanup tool called Sysclean that can be executed through Windows Explorer or through command line. This tool is designed to run under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7 32-bit. 
This tool has the following features:
  • Terminate all malware instances in memory
  • Remove malware registry entries
  • Remove malware entries from system files
  • Scan for and delete all malware copies in all local hard drives
This article discusses the steps in running the Sysclean antivirus scanner using command line.


To run the tool using command-line:
Note: This tool generates the log file SYSCLEAN.LOG and can be found  in folder where the tool is located. For more information, refer to the tool's Readme.
  1. Create a temporary folder
  2. Download the Sysclean tool and extract it into the folder.
  3. Download latest virus pattern file (Business or Home Users). Extract the downloaded ZIP pattern file into the created folder.
  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to the created folder
  5. Execute the command "sysclean".  The following switches can be used:
/? Display Help Information
/NOGUI Run without a GUI (Run in Console Mode)
/<folder> The folder that the tool will scan. If unspecified, it will scan all local drives
/NC Disable Automatic Clean
/NS Disable Spyware Scan Mode
/FULLSILENT Disable All Console Outputs, Enable Automatic Clean

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