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New Update Available
Enhanced! Virus Scanner: Enhanced Scanning Engine
Enhanced scanning engine provides superior virus protection for your device.
Enhanced! Virus Scanner: Pre-Installation Scan
Pre-installation scan blocks viruses and malware before they’re downloaded and installed. Enhanced engine provides support for Android 5.0.
New! Billing Security: Fake Banking Apps
New capability in Mobile App Reputation helps you stop the installation of fake banking apps and install the real ones instead.
New! App Manager
Saves valuable storage space by showing you Apps by usage and size, letting you uninstall rarely used and unused Apps and Setup Files.
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Transferring protection from one mobile device to another
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Activating from Trend Micro Security license
See how to activate Mobile Security app.
Common inquiries about Mobile Security
FAQs about Mobile Security for Android.
About Pre-Installation Scan
Everything you need to know about Pre-Installation Scan feature.
Feature Comparison of Free vs the Full Version
See feature availability.
Product Guide
An in depth look at the different product features.
Fake Banking App Protection

Ever download a fake app--particularly a fake banking app? If you have, you know how fake banking apps can steal your ID as well as your money.