Using the Privacy Scanner in Mobile Security for Android

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  • Last Updated: Sep. 14, 2017 7:10 PM (PST)
  • Applies to: Mobile Security for Android - 7.0;
  • Using the Privacy Scanner | Mobile Security for Android

Learn how to use the Privacy Scanner feature in your Mobile Security for Android.

The Privacy Scanner powered by Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS), checks apps to determine if they might secretly attempt to steal private information. It connects to Trend Micro through the Internet to get the very latest information about new apps identified as privacy risks.

Whenever you download another app, the Privacy Scanner assigns it a risk rating according to what kind of and how much information it can collect, then warns you about ones that might pose a privacy risk.

If you add apps to the Trusted Apps list, then future scans will ignore them.

Mobile Security can check for privacy risks on your mobile device in two ways:

  • When enabled, the Real-time Scan checks for privacy risks in every new app that you install.
  • Running a scan on demand checks for privacy risks in all apps currently on your mobile device.

Your mobile device must connect to the Internet to run a privacy scan.

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