Key Features
  • Automatic backups - Customize to your activity level. Schedule weekly or daily automatic backups
  • Manual backups - Need an extra sense of security? Kick off a backup whenever you want with a click of button
  • Battery aware - Don’t waste battery life; limit automatic backups to run only when attached to external power
  • Wi-Fi aware - Don’t stress over valuable data plan limits. Set Backup and Restore to run  automatic backups only when on Wi-Fi
  • Roaming aware -  Traveling outside your home network with no worries, provides limited automatic backups from running while roaming
Quick Start Guide

Mobile Backup and Restore

Trend Micro™ Mobile Backup and Restore ensures the information on your Android device is securely backed up in the cloud, available for you when you need it.

To know more about the product features, download the Datasheet (PDF).

Data Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The new features of Mobile Backup and Restore version 1.2 are:
  • In-app purchase for NABU
  • Upgrade storage to 6GB
Operating System Android OS 2.2 or higher
Storage Space 2MB (minimum)
Memory Usage 4MB
Data connection Wi-Fi or cellular data connection
You can get the free app via Google Play Store, just search for Trend Micro Backup and Restore.
You can back up and restore the following:
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Call history
  • Text messages
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
Yes. On your device, open the app and tap on Menu. Tap on Settings.
Tap Backup and Restore > Menu > Settings > About.
You will be given 2 months to download the file/s you have on your account and after the said period if you have used more than 1GB of your storage, all media files will be deleted. But if you have only used less than 1GB, then we will keep all of the files.
Below are the known issues in Mobile Backup and Restore, these will be address in the next version release:
  • Can use two different devices using the same device name in one (1) account
  • Even after restoring “photos” multiple times, the restore page still says there is one item to be restored
  • “Backup only with WiFi” is suitable for scheduled backup, not for manual backup