Key Features
  • Configurable Low Power Warning – you are alerted when a pre-defined battery power threshold is reached
  • Fast Drain Alert – you are notified when the battery power reduces significantly faster than usual
  • Power Hog App Alert – you are warned immediately when they download a new app that has a poor reputation for battery usage

Download the app from Google Play or by scanning the QR code below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Standby Saver
  • Wi-Fi Saver
  • Power Hog Scan
  • Premium Just-a-Phone
  • Sort Power Hog Reputation
Operating System Version Android OS 2.2/2.3/4.0/4.1
Storage Space 9MB (minimum)
Memory Usage 15MB
Others Internet Connection
Power Hog reputation is shown in the notification area once a new app is installed on your device. But you can also view this by tapping Menu in Status tab then History.
  • Longevity changes the displayed timeout and applies it immediately, but system display settings don’t refresh if it stays on previous page and don’t exit.
  • If the screen brightness is changed by Longevity Just-a-Phone mode or optimization from widget, the brightness of current window will not change immediately.
  • If there is no any power hog information for the application from MARS, Longevity will show “Unrated” result for power hog alert.
  • Longevity does not display information under Power Hogs for devices running on Android 4.4 and above.
What is Trend Micro Longevity? What are its key features?
Trend Micro™ Longevity (Beta) is a simple solution that lets you enhance the battery life of your Android device with easy settings and advanced warnings. The unique Just-a-Phone Mode keeps you going when your battery runs low and Power Hog App Alerts warn you when a new app will have a big impact on your device.
Can I use this app with my iPhone or iPad?
For now, Longevity is only available on Android Devices.
On how many devices can I install my program?
You can install Longevity on as many Android smartphones and tablets as you like.
Does Trend Micro Longevity conflict with other battery saver applications?
No, it will not conflict with other battery saver apps.
How do I reduce the power drained by the cell standby?
Use Standby Saver.
If I leave the application by tapping the Home button, is Longevity still running or does the application close?
Longevity will continue to run in the background.
Where can I check the version of the program?
Tap Longevity > Menu > Settings > About.