Search Tips

To use the Trend Micro Knowledge Base search, type in a few descriptive words in the search field and click  Find. Below are some tips to help you get relevant search results:

  1. Searching using your serial number or order number?

    To get your serial number details, sign in your Trend Micro Account.
    To check your order, go to
    Note: Digital River Inc. is the authorized online reseller of Trend Micro products and services.

  2. Use keywords that describe your issue.

    Include keywords and key phrases that describe the issue you encountered or that appear on your computer screen or product console. Remove unnecessary words from your search query like “how” and “to”.

    Example: “installation hangs”, “system requirements”, "transferring protection"

  3. Use the exact error message or error code for your search.

    Example: “installation incomplete”, “Error code #0, 1009, 0x000”

  4. Refine your search.

    Use the product filter on the search results page to narrow down your search to results for your product only.

    You can also use the Source Filters to get results from different sources:

    Source Search Results Returned
    All Topics All pages and Trend Micro Support content that contain your search keywords
    Knowledge Base All Knowledge Base articles that contain your search keywords
    Community Forum Community posts that contain your search keywords
    Threat Encyclopedia All virus and malware information that contain your search keywords

  5. Use the Threat Encyclopedia filter.

    If searching for specific malware/virus information, narrow down your search results to show malware/virus information only by clicking the  Virus Encyclopedia  check box from the filters.

  6. Watch out for typos in your search.

    Always check your spelling and use the  Did you mean  suggestions that suggest correct spellings.