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Trend Micro™ Home Network Security provides protection against network intrusions, web threats and identity theft for every device you connect to the internet in your home.

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Key Features

Network Defense
Intrusion Prevention System (Virtual Patching)
Secure Router
Default password detection for routers
Extended Device Protection
Web Threat Protection for all connected devices
Internet for Kids
Profile-based parental control policy management
Platform Support
Management app for iPhone running iOS 8+ and Android 4.1+

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How Home Network Security Works


Protecting yourself from home network attacks is easy with Trend Micro™ Home Network Security. It scans and controls the data to and from the internet. Your home network security is assured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Setup, Download and Install

Check if your device meets the following requirements:


Mobile Devices
Android OS 4.1 and above
iOS 8.0 and above
Router or access point with an Ethernet/LAN port
Internet Connection


Getting Started


Quick Start Guide
Get started with your Home Network Security.


Easy Setup
Follow these step-by-step instructions to setup, download, and install:


Set up your Home Network Security Station
Learn how to connect your Home Network Security Station to the router.
Install Home Network Security app on your device
Get Home Network Security app on your Android, Tablet, iPhone or iPad.
Pair your Home Network Security App with the Station
Link the app with your station to manage your Home Network Security.

Using Home Network Security


Introducing: Parental Controls


Trend Micro™ Home Network Security helps you set limits on how and when your children use the internet. Set schedules, block inappropriate websites, and keep kids from opening questionable apps.



Protect your Family
Manage your Devices
Other Settings
Enabling and disabling the Network and Security settings
Configure the Network and Security settings of your devices.
Adjusting the App Notification Settings
Customize your app notifications.
Blocking a device from connecting to your network
Know how to block a device.
Resetting your Home Network Security Station
Learn how to reset your Home Network Security.
Disconnecting device from Home Network Security Station
Know how to disconnect your device from the Station.
Viewing Reports
View your Device and Profile reports..

Accounts and Purchases


About your purchase
About Auto-Renew
FAQs and Common inquiries about automatic renewal of your device.


Working with your Trend Micro Account
About your Trend Micro Account
Learn more about your account and what you can do.
Where to find my pairing code
See ways to retrieve your lost serial number.

Errors and Troubleshooting


Basic Troubleshooting Guide
Router Compatibility Search
Know your router's compatiblilty with Home Network Security.
Checking the condition of your Home Network Security Station
Make sure Home Network Security station is working fine.
Third-party app detects your Home Network Security
Third party security app detects Home Network Security is monitoring your network traffic.
LED of your Home Network Security Station has no light
Fix issue with station LED showing no light.
LED of your Home Network Security Station is blinking red
Fix issue with station LED blinking red.
Sending Troubleshooting Logs
Send troubleshooting logs for analysis.
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