Frequently Asked Questions

New Features and Enhancements

Listed below are the new features of Dr. Cleaner:

  • Redesigned the whole product to make it even more effective and easier to use than before.
  • Improved memory optimization logic. Now you can save even more memory.
  • Improved management of large files.
  • Added “Quick Clean” that can be launched from the status bar menu.
  • Added German language support. Thanks to Peter Battermann for providing a German translation for Dr. Cleaner.
  • Added Spanish language support. Thanks to Iván Marinkovic for providing a Spanish translation for Dr. Cleaner.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Why do I need Internet Connection to use Dr. Cleaner?
What are the system requirements for my Mac?
How does Automatic Memory optimization work?
How do I manually optimize memory?
How do I use Disk Cleaner to find Junk Files?
How do I use Disk Cleaner to find Big Files?
Can I use VoiceOver utility of Mac with Dr. Cleanear?
Where can I download a copy of Dr. Cleaner Product guide?
Where can I contact support for help?