Known issues in Antivirus for Mac

Listed are the known issues found in your Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac program. These issues will be addressed on the next major release.

Trend Micro Toolbar only displays English tooltip in Safari
Trend Micro Toolbar only displays English tooltip in Safari because Safari does not support localized extension.

Certain file types cannot be recognized by the scan engine
When scanning compressed files, Antivirus for Mac will consider the following files as unknown files types:
  • .RAR
  • .ZIP
  • .HQX
  • .BZ2
  • .Z
  • .UU
The scan engine will scan these files while the user is opening the compressed file.

Some malware in .dmg images are not detected
The OS X platform changes some bytes on the .dmg file structure which prevents Antivirus for Mac from detecting the virus on the mounted/open disk image. The virus will be detected once the disk image has been ejected and scanned again.

Cannot activate Antivirus for Mac on a virtual machine
Antivirus for Mac cannot be activated when the OS is running on a virtual machine. The virtual machine creates OS X with the GUID containing any of the following characters which prevents the Trend Micro Activation server from recognizing the GUID:
  • /
  • \
  • ?
  • +
  • =
  • -

Cannot detect virus in .eml files
Antivirus for Mac cannot detect virus stored in a saved email message file. To scan for virus, open the message and scan it.

File download is cancelled while Antivirus for Mac is closing
The file download was interrupted or cancelled while Antivirus for Mac is closing. To complete the download, wait for your Antivirus for Mac to fully close then redownload the file.

Cannot detect threats in HTTPS
Antivirus for Mac cannot detect threats in HTTPS sites because the connection is encrypted and the Trend Micro Toolbar does not yet support HTTPS.

Cannot reinstall Antivirus for Mac Toolbar in Google Chrome
You cannot reinstall Antivirus for Mac Toolbar in Google Chrome. This happens because of the design specification of Chrome. If the user uninstalls the extension through the user interface(UI), it will no longer be installed or updated on each startup. Moreover, the external extension is blacklisted by Chrome.

Privacy Scanner does not detect security concerns on Mozilla Firefox
Enabling "Never remember history" on the Privacy panel of Mozilla Firefox prevents the Privacy Scanner from detecting security concerns that affects your account. This happens due to Firefox's private security that blocks the function of third-party extensions.

During installation, "Destination select" is skipped; Change install location button is not available
This happens because Antivirus for Mac for Best Buy can only be installed in the default location. The "Changed Install location" button was removed, however, the string "Destination select" cannot be removed due to limitations with the Apple installer. This can be ignored and has no impact with the installation.
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Applies To: Antivirus for Mac - 2015, 2016, 2017;

Last Updated: Nov. 22, 2016 5:16 AM (PST)
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