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Trend Micro™ Antivirus for Mac® provides online protection so you can enjoy your digital life safely.

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Install & Activate

Download and Install
Using Trend Micro Security license to get Antivirus for Mac
Learn how to use remaining seats from your Maximum/Premium Security to download and install AntiVirus for Mac.
Upgrading from an older version
Learn how to get your FREE Upgrade if you have a current subscription.
Installing and activating on a New Mac
Learn how to install AntiVirus for Mac if you don’t have an existing product.

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Protect Against Virus, Threats & Spam
Scanning for threats
See how to run the different scan options of Antivirus for Mac.
Using the Privacy Scanner
The Privacy Scanner checks your Facebook, Google+, Google Chrome, and LinkedIn settings for privacy risks, and can help you ensure that your personal information stays private.
Using Web Threat Protection
Use this feature to protect yourself from websites that transmit malicious software or support online scams and fraud.
Setting up Website Filter
Use this feature to block access to unwanted websites. Trend Micro maintains an extensive database of categorized websites to keep this feature up-to-date as new sites appear on the web.
Download an in-depth guide for Antivirus for Mac and its features.
Get a comprehensive manual about Antivirus for Mac.



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Accounts & Purchases

Quick Links
About your purchase
About Auto-Renew
FAQs and Common inquiries about automatic renewal of your program.
Common Inquiries & FAQs about Purchasing Online
All about your buying Trend Micro products online.

Working with your Trend Micro Account
About your Trend Micro Account
Learn more about your account and what you can do.
Where to find my lost serial number
See ways to retrieve your lost serial number.
Transferring protection to other device
Using your Trend Micro account to transfer license to other device.

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Basic Troubleshooting Guide
Make sure there are no conflicting programs such as third-party antivirus
Check a list of conflicting programs and how to remove them.
Check for Mac updates
Check for the latest update for Mac.
Disable Antivirus for Mac temporarily to see if it’s causing the issue
For connectivity, software or hardware issues, try to disable your Trend Micro software temporarily. Contact the manufacturer if the same issue persists after disabling your Trend Micro program.
Reinstall the program
Uninstall, then reinstall Antivirus for Mac.

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