Submitting a URL or file reclassification request

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  • Where to Submit URL and File Reclassification Requests to Trend Micro

Sites which may potentially represent an increased security risk are flagged to alert Trend Micro customers of this added risk. Trend Micro customers may choose to continue onto such flagged sites despite their potential increased risk. Sites may be flagged for various reasons, including detection of the presence of malware, coding issues (like SQL Injection) or other issues that represent a threat to users on the site or other sites on the same host.

Ratings are based on research conducted by Trend Micro and/or data obtained from reputable sources. Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, the threat environment and the common tactic to evade detection of malicious attackers of compromising legitimate sites and then removing their attack code and malware, a site may be assessed to be a genuine risk at one point in time but not a risk at another time.

However, the potential risk may return at a later time due to the vulnerability. Because of this, reports from users are an important component of our ongoing work to provide the most accurate and current threat intelligence about sites. If you believe a site to be inaccurately classified, follow the instructions on the next section to help us update our classification.

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How to submit a Website reclassification request
How to submit a File reclassification request