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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ purchased from QVC / PC Treasures

This article answers your questions regarding the Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ program that you purchased from QVC PC Treasures.

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I cannot see the Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ program on my Dell computer?

Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ is not pre-installed on the Dell computer you purchased from QVC.


Where can I get the installer file for Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus +?

The installer is in the DVD software bundle that came with your Dell computer.
You can also download the installer file directly from the link below:


What should I do if I did not receive the DVD/ 2GB SD card I purchased from QVC?

You may request for the DVD/2GB SD card by sending an email to PC Treasures.


Where can I get the serial number for my Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus +?

The serial number is on the DVD booklet or packaging of the SD card.


Can I install the software on another computer?

No. The license is only for a single installation. The lifetime subscription will be terminated or rendered void if you do any of the following:
  • Transferring the subscription onto another PC or device
  • Moving the subscription onto another PC or device
  • Reinstalling the subscription onto another PC or device


Can I upgrade the software to the latest version?

Yes. You can upgrade to the latest version of AntiVirus+ to receive support and software updates.


Where can I request for a refund if I want to return my purchase?

If the Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ program came bundled with the Dell computer, you cannot request for a refund.
If you have purchased the product separately from QVC, you can contact their support team for a refund of the program you bought.


Can I transfer my license when I upgrade to Internet Security or Maximum Security?

No. When you upgrade to a different software version other than AntiVirus+, the following happen:
  • Your upgrade will be subject to version's subscription or license fee
  • The program will no longer be a lifetime subscription or license
  • Your AntiVirus+ subscription and license will automatically terminate without notice or refund
Note: The Trend Micro Lifetime AntiVirus+ license is active for the remainder of your computer's functional lifetime. The typical lifetime of a computer is five to seven years.
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Last Updated: Sep. 22, 2015 2:37 AM (PST)
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