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What are the minimum system requirements to install Mobile Security for Android?

The following are the minimum system requirements for Mobile Security:
Operating System
Android OS 2.3 and above
Storage space
40MB (minimum)
25MB - 90MB
Internet Connection
Note: Android OS 2.2 will no longer be supported starting with version 6.0 and future releases.


Why do I need a Trend Micro account?

A Trend Micro account is required for the following features:
  • Parental Controls - to keep your settings secure.
  • Lost Device Protection - to securely locate your mobile device, lock it, delete all of its data, or sound an alarm from a web portal.


What does activation do?

Activating your Mobile Security enables you to use the following premium features:
  • Safe Surfing
  • Parental Controls
  • Data Theft Scanner
  • Call & Text Blocker
  • Lost Device Protection
  • App Manager
  • Pre-Installation Scan


My SIM was not removed and I never trigger the remote lock, but why does Mobile Security lock my device?

On some devices, SIM lock is triggered when your device is on airplane or flight  mode. Use your Trend Micro password to unlock device.
Note: If you forgot your password, open page, and then click Forgot Password to retrieve your password using your email.


Why do I need an alternate email address and how can I set it?

You need an alternate email address to receive an unlock key in case your mobile device gets locked. By default, Mobile Security will use your Gmail account as an alternate email address.
To set up an alternate email address, go to Settings, and then tap Set up alternate email address.


What is Lost Device Protection in Mobile Security

Lost Device Protection is Mobile Security's feature to protect your mobile devices and its data. Enabling this will allow you to remotely trigger alert, locate, lock & wipe your data in case of loss.
You will get the following messages when you want to enable this feature:
  • "Please activate Mobile Security in 'Device administrators' to enable remote wipe and uninstall protection. NOTE: You will need to deactivate it before uninstalling Mobile Security".
  • "Activating this administrator will allow the application Mobile Security to perform the following operations: Erase All Data erase the phone's data without warning, by performing a factory data reset."
Activating Mobile Security in Device Administrators will grant necessary permissions/rights to enable this feature.


How does Lost Device Protection works?

For Lost Device Protection to work properly, make sure that GPS and Data/Wifi are turned on.


Why didn't Mobile Security detect all the threats in my device?

Mobile Security is detecting and blocking threats in your device. By default, it only shows the Virus Scan result. To see the Data Theft Scan result, tap the arrow.


Can I use the serial number of my Trend Micro Security program for Mobile Security?

Yes, you can use the serial number of Maximum Security for your Mobile Security program. However, you are only entitled for a 30 day free trial of Mobile Security when you use Internet Security and AntiVirus +.


Can I install Mobile Security on iOS, Android Tablet, Amazon Kindle or Windows 8 devices?

Yes, you can install Mobile Security on your iOS devices, Amazon Kindle devices and Android devices.
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
To install Mobile Security on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, download the app from Apple App Store. For instructions, refer to this Knowledge Base article: Downloading, installing, and activating the full version of Mobile Security for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
For Amazon Kindle
To install Mobile Security on your Kindle devices, download the app from the Amazon Appstore. For instructions, refer to this Knowledge Base article: Installing Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android on Kindle Fire using the Amazon AppStore.
For Android phone and tablet
To install Mobile Security on your Android tablets, download the app from the Google Play Store. For instructions, refer to this Knowledge Base article: Downloading, installing and activating the full version of Mobile Security for Android.
For Windows phone
On the other hand, phones and tablets that are running on Windows OS are currently not supported by the app.


What is System Tuner?

System Tuner is a Mobile Security feature that optimizes your device's performance extending its' battery life, ending applications on the background to free up some memory.


Need Help?

If you have further questions or if you encountered issues while downloading, installing or activating the program, contact our Technical Support for assistance.
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Applies To: Mobile Security for Android - 6.0, 7.0;

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