Known issues in Trend Micro Security

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  • Last Updated:Oct. 02, 2018 6:04 AM (PST)
  • Applies to:Antivirus+ Security - 2016, 2017;2018;2019;Internet Security - 2016, Internet Security - 2017;Internet Security - 2018;Internet Security - 2019;Maximum Security - 2016, Maximum Security - 2017;Maximum Security - 2018;Maximum Security - 2019;Premium Security - 2016, Premium Security - 2017;Premium Security - 2018;Premium Security - 2019;
  • Known product issues | Trend Micro Security

This article lists the known issues found in your Trend Micro Security software. These will be monitored and addressed on the next major release. This document will be updated once the dates are final.

Trend Micro Security

Version 15.0 (2019)

  • Special characters in Hostname will be filtered by protocols DRSDK used.
  • Accessing Privacy Scanner and Social Network Privacy Scanner also opens the Twitter homepage.

Trend Micro Security

Version 12.0 (2018)

  • Unable to terminate Opera web browser when Mute Mode is enabled.
  • Text in “Preparing to extract…” window are small when installing Trend Micro Security on a Parallel environment.
  • Data Theft Prevention feature fails when using Yahoo! search engine in Microsoft Edge of Windows 10 RS1.
  • Trend Micro Security main console immediately closes after setting up Folder Shield when Razer Synapse is running.
  • Web Threat Protection feature does not work on HTTPS websites after upgrading Operating System.
  • Parental Control feature does not work on Facebook in Internet Explorer version 11 of Windows 8.1
  • Windows Defender Security Center shows “Status Unavailable” under Virus & Threat Protection even when Titanium is enabled after upgrading to Windows 10 RS4 Build.

Trend Micro Security

Version 11.0 (2017)

  • Internet Explorer 11 hangs after signing-in on Web Report login page in Windows 8.1. To resolve this issue, install the following Windows Security Update:
  • The detection history of Folder Shield on Security Report is displayed regardless of the selected history period.

Trend Micro Security

Version 10.0 (2016)

  • Installation of the program will crash if it installed on Windows 7 without Service Pack.
  • If "Shut down the computer when this scan is done" option on the scan window is selected, Scan report will still show "Restart Required" to clean the malware even after the computer has just restarted.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported.
  • After the installation, when the computer is forcely restarted before main console shows up, Trend Micro Security program will not appear on the list of installed programs in Control Panel.
  • The "Help your friends protect their privacy" option for LinkedIn is not working when using Internet Explorer.
  • Copy function of the computer will not work properly when trying to copy a detected malware.
  • Back up and Restore is unable to properly restore some files due to severe malware infection.
  • Scan result page hangs when PC Health Checkup is triggered while scanning.
  • Parental control blocking page on Microsoft Edge is incorrect.
  • Installation failure with error code 1603, 3003, 0xe0190008 appears when Office Scan could not be uninstalled before installing Trend Micro Security.
  • Threat blocked pop-up will appear upon launching Internet Explorer when GDIPP 0.7.6 is installed.