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Turning off the Auto-renewal feature during or after purchase

This article shows you how to turn off or cancel the Auto-renew feature during or after purchasing Trend Micro products online.
The Auto-Renew feature is enabled on your Shopping Cart page by default. To disable the Auto-Renew, do either of the following:
Note: If your Trend Micro subscription is still up to date, disabling the automatic renewal does not expire your subscription.
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Cancel Auto-Renew after purchasing a Trend Micro program

To cancel the Auto-Renew after purchasing your Trend Micro program, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your Trend Micro Account (My Account).
    Your homepage shows which account renews automatically.
  2. Click Disable Auto-renew.
    Note: If you do not see a Disable Auto-renew button under your subscription, that means that the auto-renewal is already disabled.
  3. Click Disable Now
    Disable now
    When you have successfully canceled Auto-Renew, you should see Renew Now
    Renew now


Cancel Auto-Renew while purchasing a Trend Micro program

To turn off the Auto-renew feature while you are buying a Trend Micro program, follow the steps below:
  1. Click Auto-Renewal Plan On.
    Shopping cart
  2. Select No, thanks. I'll renew my license when it expires.
    Auto-Renewal information
    The status in your Shopping Cart will be updated.
    Shopping Cart Status


Need Help?

If you encounter issues cancelling the Auto-Renewal, contact our Technical Support for assistance.
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