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Upgrading from Trend Micro Internet Security to Titanium Internet Security for free

This article shows you how to upgrade your unexpired subscription for Trend Micro Internet Security to Titanium Internet Security.
Important: You will be asked to restart the computer when performing the upgrade. We recommend that you add this page to your favorites or print it out.
To download and install your Titanium Internet Security, follow the steps below or watch an audio-video guide for instructions:
  1. Download the installer then save it to your desktop.
  2. Run the installer. You can do this by following either of the steps below:
    • For Windows XP: Double-click the installer.
      Double-click the installer
    • For Windows Vista and Windows 7: Right-click the installer, then select Run as administrator.
      Select Run as administrator
  3. Wait for a moment while the program checks for conflicting software in your computer.
    Your Trend Micro Internet Security should be detected.
  4. Click Yes to remove the program from your computer.
  5. Click Restart Nowto complete the uninstallation process.
    Once the computer has restarted, wait a few minutes. The installer should automatically launch and continue the installation.
    The window showing your serial number will appear.
    Note: If you received a free upgrade email and the Serial Number field is not filled out, you can use the serial number from the email.
  6. Click Next.
    Remove your old version, then type your serial number
  7. Read the License Agreement, then click Agree and Install.
    The installation may take a few minutes.
  8. Click Finish to complete the activation.
    Note: If you get the error message "Too Many Installations", check this solution: I get the error message "Too Many Installations" when activating my Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011.
    You will see the Introductory window of your new Titanium Internet Security program.
  9. Click Close.
    Complete the installation
    Note: Tick Don't show this page again if you do not want this window to appear every time you open the program.
    You will see the main console. From here, you can access and configure your program's different features and settings.
  10. Click Scan to run an initial scan. Trend Micro recommends completing this step to begin protecting your computer.
  11. Click ?, then select Online Helpfor information and help on the different features of your program.
    Run an initial scan, then click Online Help for info
Note: Since Trend Micro Interent Security can be installed on up to 3 computers, you can follow the same instructions here to upgrade your other computers.
Video Tutorial

Applies To: Titanium Internet Security - 2011;Trend Micro Internet Security - All;

Last Updated: Oct. 01, 2015 11:20 PM (PST)
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