“Incompatible Software Found” appears when installing Trend Micro Titanium

When installing your Trend Micro Titanium program, you receive the following message:
Incompatible Software Found
"Incompatible Software Found
Do you really want to remove the following incompatible software"
Incompatible Software Found
"Incompatible Software Found
Please try to install Trend Micro Titanium again after removing the following programs..."
Note: The product name may vary depending on the program that is detected.
Important: You need to remove other security software to install your Titanium program so that you will not experience conflicting software issues on your computer.
To resolve this, follow the steps below:
  1. Click Yes to remove the conflicting program.
    The installation will continue after the third party program has been uninstalled. If you keep receiving this message, proceed to the Step 2.
    Note: For the complete list of Trend Micro and third party security software that are needed to be removed before installing your Titanium program, check this Knowledge Base article: Programs to remove before installing Trend Micro Security.
  2. Contact the manufacturer of the software for support and request for a removal tool.
  3. Use the removal tool to uninstall the program detected by your Titanium installer.
  4. Try reinstalling your Titanium program.
Note: It is not recommended to restore the incompatible programs that were removed from your computer. Having several incompatible programs running on the computer can cause performance issues and make your computer more vulnerable to threats.

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Applies To: Titanium AntiVirus + - 2011, 2012, 2013;2014;Titanium Internet Security - 2011, Titanium Internet Security - 2012, Titanium Internet Security - 2013;Titanium Internet Security - 2014;Titanium Maximum Security - 2011, Titanium Maximum Security - 2012, Titanium Maximum Security - 2013;Titanium Maximum Security - 2014;Titanium Smart Surfing for PC - 2011;

Last Updated: Jun. 18, 2015 4:19 AM (PST)
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