Finding the serial number of Trend Micro Security

This article shows you where to get your Trend Micro Security software's serial number.


If you purchased your Trend Micro Security software from Best Buy or from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you need to contact Geek Squad or your ISP support team instead.
Choose from the buttons below for instructions:


From your Trend Micro Main Console
To find your serial number through your Trend Micro main console, choose from the tabs below whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac:


To find your serial number, follow the steps below:
  1. Open the main console of your Trend Micro Security software. Do either of the following:
    • Double-click the Trend Micro  icon on your desktop.
    • Double-click the Trend Micro  icon on your system tray.
  2. Click the  icon, then click About the Software.
    About the Software
    The About your Software window will appear showing your serial number and its expiration date.
    Serial Number

To find your serial number, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Trend Micro icon on the upper right side of the Menu bar.
  2. Click Subscription....
    Menu bar
    The Subscription Information window will appear with your program information and serial number.
    Subscription Information

Login to your Trend Micro Account
Get your serial number by logging in to your Trend Micro Account. Do the following steps:
  1. Click here to login. A login account window will appear.
  2. Type your email and password, then click Sign in.
    Trend Micro Account
    The Product Panel window will appear on the right side of your browser showing your serial number and its expiration date.
    Serial Number

Check through FindMyOrder
If you purchased the Trend Micro program from our online store, do the following:
  1. Go to the website.
    FindMyOrder Website
  2. Type either of the following on the fields provided, then click Find:
    • Order number and password
    • Email address and the last five (5) digits of the credit card you used to purchase the program
    The serial number is located in the product section.
    Serial number on FindMyOrder


If you just renewed your Trend Micro subscription, the serial number will be the same as what you have used before. Follow the instructions on the From Trend Micro Account section instead.
Video Tutorial

Applies To: Antivirus for Mac - 2015, Antivirus for Mac - 2016;Antivirus for Mac - 2017;Antivirus+ Security - 2015;2016;2017;Internet Security - 2015;Internet Security - 2016;Internet Security - 2017;Maximum Security - 2015;Maximum Security - 2016;Maximum Security - 2017;Premium Security - 2015;Premium Security - 2016;Premium Security - 2017;Titanium AntiVirus + - All;Titanium Internet Security - All;Titanium Maximum Security - All;Titanium Premium Security - All;

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