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Download Trend Micro Security for Windows PC


Premium Security



Maximum Security



Internet Security



Antivirus + Security


Download Trend Micro Security for Mac


Antivirus for Mac


Download Trend Micro Password Manager

Installing Trend Micro Security Software
Trend Micro Security for Windows

Trend Micro Antivirus For Mac

Protect Other Devices

Getting Started with Password Manager
Password Manager Overview

Installing Password Manager
Part 1: Easy Setup

Installing Password Manager
Part 2: Capturing Passwords

Protect Yourself from Threats
Protect Yourself from Ransomware with Trend Micro Security

Protect Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks with Trend Micro Security’s Certificate Protection

How to Use Social Networking Protection in Trend Micro Security

How to Use Privacy Scanner in Trend Micro Security

Setting up & Using the new Folder Shield
Getting Started
Part 1: Easy Setup

Setting Up
Part 2: Block or Trust Apps?

Using Folder Shield
Part 3: Custom Setup

Trend Micro Security Software

Trend Micro Security for Windows


Mobile Security for Android


Trend Micro Security for Mac


Mobile Security for iOS



Trend Micro Password Manager

Password Manager for Windows


Password Manager for Android


Password Manager for Mac


Password Manager for iOS