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Frequently Asked Questions
Trend Micro Consumer products that are compatible with Windows 10
FAQs about Windows 10 and your Trend Micro Security software.
Upgrading to the latest version of Trend Micro Security
See how to upgrade your older version to the latest one for free.
About Auto-Renew
Learn more about Automatic Renewal of your product.
Installation incomplete Error 1603, 3002, 0xe01a000f
See how to resolve this error.
Reinstalling my program
Learn how to uninstall first then reinstall the latest version.
Checking if you’re running the latest version 
Ensure you have the latest protection.
Cashback Information for Australia and New Zealand Customers
Learn more about this promotion.
Getting “Restart Required” message when installing
See what to do when you encounter this error message.
About your Trend Micro Account
FAQ about using and managing your Trend Micro account.
Popular Search Topics
Here are common keywords other customers are looking for: Protection disabled, install Maximum Security, install Password Manager.
New! Trend Micro Security 10

The latest protection for Windows 10 - provides protection for your devices, data, privacy, and family so you can do things on line safely.

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