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  • [SECURITY ISSUE HOTFIX] “DoubleAgent”: DLL Injection Potential Security Issue in Trend Micro Security 2017 Process using MS Verifier Provider DLL [CVE-2017-5565]   Click Here
  • "I am unable to open Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 when my Trend Micro Security is running. What should I do?" Solution now available.   Click Here
  • "Nothing happens when I click the Start button on PC Health Checkup of my Trend Micro Security software. What should I do?" Solution now available.   Click Here
  • Need help with the error message "Unable to continue - Error code #98000006 | #98000004"? Contact our Technical Support.   Click Here

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Malware Topics
Say “No” to Ransomware
Learn how Trend Micro™ Security protects you against ransomware.
Prevent Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
with Trend Micro™ Security Certificate Protection.

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