Unmasking Fake Antivirus (AV)

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Problem Description

This article shows how rogue antivirus or FAKEAV applications arrive on systems.


FakeAV or rogue antivirus software has been prevalent in the market today and has affected millions of computers.
To educate you on how Fake AV arrives on a computer's system and to know the available Trend Micro solutions to combat this threat, refer to this Unmasking FakeAV document.
In this document, you will find detailed information on the following topics:
  • Infection Vectors
  • Proliferation via Malicious Routine
  • Malware Transformation
  • Notable Malware Behavior
  • Online and Local
  • Protection against Fave AV
  • Recovering from Fake AV infection
To help clean the FakeAV infection, you may use the FakeAV Removal Tool.

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