Enabling Java on your computer for Trend Micro SafeSync

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SafeSync for Business - 5.1;
Macintosh - Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Windows - 7 32-bit, Windows - 7 64-bit, Windows - Vista 32-bit, Windows - Vista 64-bit, Windows - XP Home, Windows - XP Professional, Windows - 8 32-bit, Windows - 8 64-bit

Problem Description

Learn how to install Java to use the advanced features of your Trend Micro SafeSync.


Some of Trend Micro SafeSync's features require Java. You can test if your computer has Java installed by going to the Java Test page. If you do not have Java installed on your computer, follow the steps below:
  1. Download the Java installer:
    1. Go to the official Java page.
      This is the official page for Java managed by Sun Microsystems, the company behind it. The program is free and is used by a lot of other websites.
    2. Click Free Java Download.
    3. Click Save when the File Download window appears.
    4. Select Desktop as the location, and then click Save.
  2. Close all applications including any web browser.
  3. Go to your desktop and double-click the file you just downloaded.
  4. Read the License Agreement. If you agree to the License Agreement, then click Install to continue the installation.
    Note: Additional applications may be offered to you before the installation. If you are not interested, untick them before proceeding.
  5. Click Next.
    After the installation completes, a message confirming your successful installation appears.
  6. Click Close.
    You can now use the advanced features of Trend Micro SafeSync.

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